Month: March 2016

What One Economist Thinks about Obamacare

Hey Paul: I am 60 years old and just retired. I have $500K in my retirement accounts, $200K in mutual funds, and a $300K home. I know I can’t start Medicare until age 65. What should I do for the

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Obamacare and Taxes

Hey Paul: We are the classic American family with a nice home, two kids and a dog. We both work with a combined income of $50,000. I am self-employed and my husband works for a small business so we don’t

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Prepare to Plan Your Taxes or Plan to Pay More

Hey Paul: What is the difference between “tax planning” and “tax preparation”? Are they the same thing? These two terms are closely related and I suppose could mean the same thing to some people. For those who are procrastinating doing

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Your Tax Bracket is Likely Zero

Hey Paul: My accountant told me that I’m in the 15% tax bracket. What does that mean? Am I paying 15% of my income to the IRS?  Bracketed in Nicholasville The concept of tax brackets doesn’t come up too often

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