TaxSmack – Bringing financial advice to the 99%

Why We Exist – Too many people receive no advice or even worse, bad advice, when making important life decisions. TaxSmack allows people to make wise choices based on unbiased, sophisticated, financial advice.

Team: Paul V. Hamilton, Ph.D. (Founder), Mike Ross (Business Planning & Marketing), John Cusack (Predictive Analytics).

Current Services:

  • TaxSmack 1040 – users enter key tax numbers that are turned into intuitive explanations and identifies tax saving opportunities. [Motivation: TurboTax or your CPA tells you “your refund is $x” – Do you trust this number?]
  • TaxSmack EITC – an app that allows people to quickly identify if they qualify for the largest tax credit. [Motivation: 20% of eligible households (5M) miss out on an average credit of $2000.]

Software in Development:

  • Social Security Benefits App – an engaging user interface allows anyone to understand their Social Security benefits and optimal claiming strategy.
  • Retirement Planning App — Answers the #1 question of seniors, “How do I make my money last at least as long as I do?” Optimizes SS, Pension, 401(k), Mutual Funds, and Housing in tandem with spending needs.