Jessamine High Then and Now

Hey Paul: How is high school different today then when you attended Jessamine High? What advice do you have for today’s high school students?

 A lot has changed since I graduated from Jessamine High in 1987. The classrooms are nearly identical but the athletic facilities are first rate – I ran on a gravel track. We started school at 7:50am before scholarly studies showed that teenagers are not awake then – something that I could have told them a long time ago.

In my class we had three students graduate with a 4.0 or higher – No, I wasn’t in that select group. Two of them are surgeons. In recent years with the explosion in popularity of AP classes about 30 students graduated with above a 4.0 – evidently in the future we are going to have a lot of doctors in the area.

We had basically the same problems that students get themselves into today. Human nature hasn’t evolved but the technology certainly has that amplifies our ability for good and bad. On that note I will say there is one trap that many students are falling into that is disastrous to learning and positioning themselves for academic success.

According to my reliable sources in many of the classes the majority of students are spending class staring into their cellphone. Are they just checking a score or news story? Is the technology being used to engage the students? I doubt it.

So my one piece of advice to high school students is to do whatever it takes to stay off their cellphone during class. I anticipate this sage advice that I conservatively value in the hundred of thousands to students will not be well received. I may become identified with #ProfNoseNuttin to which I’ll counter #DropoutsLiveInVanByTheRiver.



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